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#76126 01/15/12 01:01 AM
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I did a run with -str 2 on the whole n64 softlist. Here's the results:

I have been told, that somebody is looking at crashes and games bailing out, so I thought it might be worth doing this run. Will also be doing one with a higher -str value to find more stuff.

Edit: FYI the configuration I used for the testrun

<?xml version="1.0"?>
		<!-- input options -->
		<option name='executable' value='mame.exe'/>
		<option name='listxml_file' value=''/>
		<!-- environment options -->
		<option name='rompath' value='s:\_roms\mame'/>
		<option name='hashpath' value='c:\Emulation\mess\hash'/>
		<option name='osdprocessors' value='1'/>

		<!-- processing options -->
		<option name='use_devices' value='1'/>
		<option name='use_nonrunnable' value='0'/>
		<option name='xpath_expr' value=''/>
		<option name='device_file' value=''/>
		<option name='use_isbios' value='0'/>
		<option name='skip_mandatory' value='0'/>
		<option name='test_softreset' value='0'/>
		<!-- xpath_expr examples -->
		<!-- 'start_at' equivalent
			<option name='xpath_expr' value='DRIVER_ROOT[@name="game"]/following-sibling::*'/>
		<!-- 'sourcefile' equivalent
			<option name='xpath_expr' value='DRIVER_ROOT[@sourcefile="driver.c"]'/>
		<!-- 'use_autosave' value='2' equivalent
			<option name='xpath_expr' value='DRIVER_ROOT/driver[@savestate="supported"]/parent::*'/>
		<!-- commandline options -->
		<option name='str' value='2'/>
		<option name='use_bios' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_sound' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_ramsize' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_autosave' value='1'/>
		<option name='use_throttle' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_debug' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_dipswitches' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_configurations' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_softwarelist' value='0'/>
		<option name='write_mng' value='0'/>
		<option name='write_avi' value='0'/>
		<option name='write_wav' value='0'/>
		<option name='additional_options' value=''/>
		<!-- output files -->
		<option name='output_folder' value='mrt_output'/>
		<option name='store_output' value='0'/>
		<option name='clear_output_folder' value='0'/>
		<option name='print_xpath_results' value='0'/>

		<!-- valgrind options -->
		<option name='use_valgrind' value='0'/>
		<option name='valgrind_binary' value='valgrind'/>
		<option name='valgrind_parameters' value='--tool=memcheck --error-limit=no --leak-check=full --num-callers=50 --show-reachable=yes --track-fds=yes --leak-resolution=med'/>

		<!-- additional options -->
		<option name='test_createconfig' value='1'/>
		<option name='verbose' value='0'/>
		<option name='test_frontend' value=''/>

		<!-- hacks -->
		<option name='hack_debug' value='0'/>
		<option name='hack_ftr' value='0'/>
		<option name='hack_biospath' value='0'/>
		<option name='hack_mngwrite' value='0'/>
		<option name='hack_pinmame' value='0'/>
		<option name='hack_softwarelist' value='0'/>
		<option name='rompath' value='s:\_roms\mess;s:\_roms\mess_software'/>
		<option name='executable' value='c:\Emulation\mess\mess64d.exe'/>
		<option name='use_devices' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_autosave' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_debug' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_bios' value='1'/>
		<option name='use_ramsize' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_configurations' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_dipswitches' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_isbios' value='1'/>
		<option name='store_output' value='2'/>
		<option name='skip_mandatory' value='0'/>
		<option name='use_gdb' value='1'/>
		<option name='output_folder' value='mrt_output.mess.r14028.plain.64d.gdb.n64.str_10'/>
		<option name='additional_options' value='-artpath c:\Emulation\mess\artwork'/>
		<option name='xpath_expr' value='DRIVER_ROOT[@sourcefile="n64.c"]'/>
		<option name='use_softwarelist' value='1'/>
		<option name='test_frontend' value='0'/>

Last edited by Firewave; 01/15/12 01:11 AM. Reason: added mmame_regtest config
Joined: Sep 2001
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Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 535
On a side note vprowrs2 fatalerrors when you enter the character selection screen before it shows the preview of the character:

CIC-NUS-6102 detected
000000000022CC08: 0000000001149BC5 (stack_walker::reset()+0x0051)
000000000022CC10: 0000000000000012 (+0x0012)
000000000022CC18: 000000000039C800 (+0x39c800)
000000000022CC20: 000000000022CC18 (+0x22cc18)
000000000022CC28: 000000000022CC18 (+0x22cc18)
000000000022CC30: 000000000022D2B0 (+0x22d2b0)
000000000022CC38: 00000000011491BC (winmain_dump_stack()+0x00cf)
000000000022CC40: 000000000022CC70 (+0x22cc70)
000000000022CC48: 0000000002BE5199 (__tcf_1+0x6d6329)
000000000022CC50: 000000000022CC48 (+0x22cc48)
000000000022CC58: 000000000022CC48 (+0x22cc48)
000000000022CC60: 000000000039C800 (+0x39c800)
000000000022CC68: 000000000000011C (+0x011c)
000000000022CC70: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (__tcf_1+0xfdaf118f)
000000000022CC78: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (__tcf_1+0xfdaf118e)
000000000022CC80: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE (__tcf_1+0xfdaf118e)
000000000022CC88: 0000000300000000 (__tcf_1+0xfdaf1190)
000000000022CC90: 0000000300000000 (__tcf_1+0xfdaf1190)
000000000022CC98: 0000000300000000 (__tcf_1+0xfdaf1190)
000000000022CCA0: 000000000022CC98 (+0x22cc98)
000000000022CCA8: 0000000300000000 (__tcf_1+0xfdaf1190)
000000000022CCB0: 000000000022CCB0 (+0x22ccb0)
000000000022CCB8: 0000000300000000 (__tcf_1+0xfdaf1190)
PC=000019CB: Unimplemented op FF06EA4B (3F,0B)

The other games based on the same engine (wcwrev, wcwvsnwo, wwfnomer, wmania2k, vprowres) also bail out with various errors or freeze.

Joined: Sep 2001
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Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 535
As expected raising the s-tr value brought up more issues

NOTE: nflqb2ku caused a hard freeze, so I had to kill the process.

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