Hey guys I need your help with some IBM JX games that I have gotten from a friend however they are in SCP files, and I have to put them in IMG, but the biggest issue is trying to play them on the emulator I have as it turns out that some of the games that are Bootloader Disk or DOS Formatted Disk, I got have Copy Protection and the way I know this is that I used FavBinEdit to look into it it's protected by Carry Lab. The IBM JX was an unpopular computer in Japan as it only lasted for three years because of this there is not much information about its games.

On top of that I found something in it that my friend explained to me about when looking into Polar Star III:
GENPON = Original
PROTECT = Protect
SEIHIN = Production

The code was written by BASE86

Here's the games if anyone is willing to help me out here: