I have an issue with Mantis. Although I am a "reporter" it does not allow me to make feature requests. What could be wrong?

Anyway... A few feature requests:

First and foremost: Support multiple paths, almost everywhere.
Depending on the path type, allow QMC2 to use multiple paths, going from first to last find required data OR (user option) use ALL paths to find required data.

Example #1:
This will look in ../../EMULATORS/MAME/dat/ and IF NOT THERE, also try ../../EMULATORS/MAME/dat/

Example #2:
titles folder
This will look both folders for EACH title snapshot and use whichever available (first takes precedence).

Example #3:
snaps folder
This will look ALL folders and use ALL snapshots (snapshots tab to have "previous"/"next" - at least until custom tabs read from user set paths are supported).
There should be a button to change a path list from "in turn" mode to "all" mode.

Second: Really support a local .qmc folder (portable install). Check if there is .qmc folder in own directory. Some people do not want to use their home directory.

Third: Since I talked about folders. Auto-correct POSIX/Win path convention (and even mixed paths that sometimes result from copy-paste) depending on system QMC2 is used on.