Thank you for your reply!

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- multiple paths ARE allowed mostly everywhere where it makes sense (all emu "search paths" and image folders/files at least)

Well, for some reason they got chopped from my .ini (i.e. it deleted the extra paths and left the first). I have both the multi-path version (kept backup) and the "chopped" version if you wanna see the ini.

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- you can specify -config_path on the command line to change the "local" config path, otherwise it's auto-determined for good reasons, and "portable installs" are fully supported

Oups! Good to know. Thanks.
Of course this means a shortcut with edited command line or a batch file (to specify the parameter).
Would be more transparent if it first checked local directory then home. But that's just my opinion of course.

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- you have to specify paths in a POSIX-compliant way ("auto-correction" would mean to guess what the user wants, and that's plain wrong)

Auto-correction would mean just a bit more portability (even between different OSes... with different executables in same folder, esp. when using relative paths - which IIRC you also implemented some years ago after my request :P).
QMC2 "knows better" what kind of path style the OS that it currently runs wants to see (and MAME excutable on that OS).
Again just an opinion.

I mean if someone because of stupid mix of copy-paste and manual typing writes a path in .ini:


I think the system should be able to understand what he means and change the .ini properly for the current OS and MAME executable expected parameters.

Anyway. Thanks for listening. smile

(btw... can someone help with why I cannot submit feature requests in mantis? Is this on purpose?)

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