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Cool! You need anything from me? This could also lead into R-Zone!
Would be awesome to see R-Zone emulated.
Some people claims that's a crap system, but have a inestimable historical value smile

*edit* some information can be retrieved in this website: http://www.consoledatabase.com/faq/rzonefaq-sylvaindechantal/
It seems that had 27 games released.
Some merchandising scans also can be senn in this link: http://www.vintagecomputing.com/ind...gers-r-zone-a-lesson-in-how-to-look-dumb

Interesting fact:
In Brazil, Tec Toy distributed R-Zone, but from reports from users, it seems that only the cartridges which came in R-Zone itself was compatible with the system (cartridges which came with other consoles doesn't work), and it's unknown if cartridges was available to buy locally.
(in Portuguese)

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