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I think using open standard SVG vectorized artwork is the best method.
I wasn't implying the opposite, actually.

be glad to even have these svgs smile
I also wasn't implying that I'm not glad we have these, but... well, what I said.

The svg files are available and if you or anyone volunteers to improve them
Maybe a solution could be having a repository where people could check the original scans, have a try at vectorizing them and submit their results? They'd be still "hand-made" but people would be able to keep improving on each iteration, until they look just like the originals.

I don't think that anybody not reading this topic even knows that they can contribute to those, or how to do it.

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once we have a BGFX renderer, BGFX includes a module that can hardware-rasterize SVGs. So we'd go to fully scalable artwork
I'm... not quite sure I understand what that would mean, sorry. frown

LCD artwork scans and cleanups: https://mega.nz/#F!uFYSzK7S!U-lJon9jsqyoCX_3y7_KLA