I double-checked the first half - 100%!

I've received several handhelds the past few days:
Konami Star Trek 25, Konami Contra, Nintendo G&W Boxing, Mattel Football 2, Mattel Classic Football 2, Mattel Classic Baseball, Mattel Bowling. Konami Gradius is on the way.

From the pinout, the Boxing CPU is likely an SM510 or SM511. I'm going to play around with the test pin this weekend. It must draw very little power; while I was tracing out the connections with my Fluke, it powered up and played a little tune, no batteries installed.

Unsurprisingly, Contra looks very similar to Top Gun and TMNT. Star Trek looks pretty similar, but has a 2nd glob that I'm thinking is a DAC for the speech. If I figure out the test pin on Boxing, I'll see if I can de-glob the Konamis enough to get to the necessary pins without trashing them. I assume we won't be able to dump the melody ROM, but I can probably capture the output with an LA and reconstruct it.

The Mattel classic games have globs; stenciling on the Classic Football 2 PCB includes RA0-RA3, RB0-RB3, RC0-RC3, RD0, and RE1, which makes me think it's a PIC.

The classic games use a regular Phillips screwdriver, but I found the perfect tool for the triangular screws used on the originals; I took a Torx T10 screwdriver and ground off every other ridge using a Dremel cutoff wheel.

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