I'm baaack. I finished the HDMI adapter and it's in production right now, so I am back on game duty for awhile.

The Allpro 88 adapter is almost done, I finished the PCB so now I have to check it and then get it made. This board plugs inside the Allpro 88, after removing the three existing power boards. It adds USB and 12V only power and basically turns it into a super powered chip dumping rig while removing most of the original bad hardware design.

This will allow dumping new chips without constantly making up hardware to do it like before. I can "import" the existing dumping stuff into the allpro relatively easily too.

As for dumps, I dumped most of the micros I could on the last round of games, and will take VFD pics and RE the pinout soon. I will let others vector them from now on I think, since it takes a huge amount of time to do this that I could spend REing and dumping stuff, and some people were complaining about the quality. Let's see if they can do better :-)

So the new protocol will be to dump the chip, photo the VFD, and trace it out like before except I will put the plate numbering on an actual picture instead of the vector version.

I will have to make some socket adapters to dump some of the chips because they are in different packages from what I natively support, but shouldn't be too difficult.

Re the last dumps, The two CPUs out of the Bandai Pair Match won't dump. It's odd, like the dumping stuff was slightly changed or something. I haven't poked around with it too much but they are some of the very last chips made going by date/mask number.