rik: yeah I got three games left: Pair Match (dumped both CPUs, need to pin/photo VFD), pengo (same) and burgertime. All three of those are dumped.

I *think* pair match dumped OK. I thought it didn't but it looks like it did. I will keep the CPUs on the carrier boards until we confirm if it's good or not. I might vector it too since it's so simple.

Re: zaxxon, I will check into it and update the files to fix it. That VFD is really loooong and it had multiple grid points so it was kinda tricky.

Also one of the plates is "missing" on amidar (though I guess it doesn't matter if we can't find CPU info). this is because there's two connected together. 1/31 and 12/13 I think it was are both tied together (i.e. 1 and 31, then 12 and 13) which is why it's missing. Not sure why the same signal comes out two pins but it does. you can see it on the bottom.