I have just submitted a pull request for a new VME board, you can grab it at https://github.com/JoakimLarsson/mame.git branch hkv10_2

The Heurikon HK68/V10 VME CPU board

Features: - 68010 CPU @ 10 MHz, 128Kb ROM, 1Mb Dual port DRAM, 1 CIO Parallell interface, 2 serial ports,
1 SCSI interface with support for up to 8 devices, A16/A24 VME bus, Optional MMU, DMA, FPU

This is an advanced 68010 based SBC for VME based industrial applications relesed around 1985. The
intended use is in a VME cage together with VME compatible I/O cards and specifically Heurikon own series. This
manual for Herikon UNIX gives a detailed view on a industrial UNIX configuration:


Mame emulation currently supports:
- 128K System ROM
- 1Mb of RAM
- System ROM Terminal interface

Layout files and instructions found here:

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