René, I tried the new DLLs which you provided. At first glance, with the original "default" template, it had the same problem.
However, I edited default template, just changing

   if ( "$VIDEO_SNAP_URL$" != "" )
      document.write("<td width=\"33%\" valign=\"center\" align=\"center\"><video " + dropShadow() + "width=\"100%\" loop controls poster=\"$GHOST_VIDEO$\" src=\"$VIDEO_SNAP_URL$\"></video></td>");

to something based in the new JS-code version which is in the wiki

    var vsUrls = qmc2NEO.videoSnapUrls("$ID$");
    if ( vsUrls.length > 0 ) 
        document.write("<h4>" + tr("Video snaps") + "</h4>");
        document.write("<td width=\"1%\" valign=\"center\" align=\"center\"><video controls loop autoplay>");
        for (var i = 0; i < vsUrls.length; i++)
            document.write("<source src=\"" + vsUrls[i] + "\" />");

and it worked smile

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