I've been busier than I thought, and it's likely to continue through the end of the month. But then it looks like I'm pretty open through the end of the year.

I've decapped, photographed, whinked, and photographed all the chips from the stuff I've bought and Hap sent me, but I need to composite the pics, transcribe the bits, and document the hardware. Incog sent me a big package of PCBs with blobs, too.

The only one I've finished up so far is DataMan: www.seanriddle.com/tms1980.html I did all the work on that then looked at the patent- it's got the schematic, VFD connections, and source and object code! Oh, well, I verified that the unit Hap sent matched the patent.

Kevin- Incog sent me a couple of NEC chips- a 42-DIP D774C Cassette Vision board marked with what Google Translate tells me is "TV Vader & Yosaku", and an 80-QFP D75316GF from Barcode Blitter. Let me know if you want me to send those to you to dump electronically.