There a few games for which no "correct" romsets are available. There are available sets that run, but they're marked "mostly correct". This means that in order to display them, I have to enable both the green and olive drab buttons (or I can put those games in favorites, but I don't like doing that - then things would be in two places inatead of one, and favorites doesn't display as many details as the main view).

The problem with enabling the olive drab button is that it enables a bunch of game consoles in the list - a whole lot of them, like "Nintendo Entertainment System (PAL)".

* Is there a way to suppress all of these game consoles when the "Mostly correct" button is active, so that I only see "mostly correct" roms that I've installed rather than also all of the game consoles?
* Alternatively, is there a way to manually mark a rom as "correct" - i.e. override the automatic status of the rom, so I force it to appear in the green list?