Err, the license was set to GPL after Miodrag asked me in May. I am fine with BSD if this single file slows down development.

The only thing i am uncomfortable with is that people make money by using source code developed in our spare time. Guess a license disclaimer won't stop them...

What was the project you were working on? smile

If there is in fact a rewrite, i am eager to test corner cases i found on the Rainbow-100 (SQUINT, for example, acts like a 'killer poke' on the Commodore CBM).

Some quick notes about the present state of vtvideo -

- 'interlaced mode' isn't fully understood 
- there are now 2 separate 'device_resets' (...) and
- there is the occasional 'break;' for the VT-100 (see list of unimplemented features in source code)

 'case 0x0c' (..)
 'case 0x0f' (..)

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