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The "?" category is automatically generated when there's no known category for a set. So I suppose that yes, there are missing sets in your "catver_full.ini". And yes, the category view will also contain that "?" category (sort the view by "Category / Machine" to see it).

I never said that "catver_full.ini" were supported, BTW. So it could as well be some incompatibility with that file.

No, there is no "?" in QMC2-Mame category list.

Catver_full use exactly the same syntax as catver (except that it categorize also MESS drivers) and works perfectly with QMC2 Mame (for both category and version view). It avoids to have to update two files.

That's right that it's not officialy supported, but i can't see why it would produce different classification under the file chooser.


Regarding QMC2 Arcade / auto-play... does the ToxicWaste theme have the same problem for you?

Yes. I'll look in my decoder codec settings...


EDIT: About the empty machine list when starting QMC2 Arcade "directly"... you do use "-config_path e:\Util\QMC2\data\settings" on the command line in this case?

Yes, it's automatically added by QMC-Mame when launching, acording to the log window.

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