I may have found a real bug this time, you'll tell me :

I want to have a list with only games that have a video snap to play under QMC2-Arcade...

I don't know if there are better way to do it, but i created a fake catver file, with only one section (Video) under which i listed all the driver with a mp4 file (dir /s in the folder and a bit of cut and replace)...

Then i went to the file chooser, clicked only the Video category, clicked the parent only option (no point in having to much drivers in this mode as it make the list barely browsable).

Everything went great except for one little thing : i have System BIOS drivers such as Playchoice-1 BIOS, PGM System BIOS, ... in the middle of my list.

As i understand it, System Bios and Devices category are auto created by QMC2. Devices are auto disabled, but not System Bios, and as both these category are not listed, there is no way to activate/desactivate them in the list.

EDIT 1 : When no category are selected, i have only System Bios in the list... Do i have to categorize them perhaps ?

EDIT 2 : NO doesn't work. I now have a BIOS category in the list (not in QMC2-Mame as it seems my category is overrode by the internal one), but they are selected whether the category is selected or not.

EDIT 3 : Ah! It works if the category is called "System / BIOS" (i called i previously "Bios" so the name have to match the internal one). Then, if i unselect the category, no more Bios. But in my opinion, we should have this category automaticly as it's internally avaible...

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