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remax: I'm not sure I understand what you did exactly (i.e. what has the file chooser to do with machine categories?), but yes, "System / BIOS" and "System / Device" are the two automatically generated categories. I'm quite sure that this all works fine.

Like i said, I was talking about QMC2 Arcade, so by file chooser i mean the category filter under "Machine list filter".

To select the drivers in my list, i made my own category file, where i only categorized the file i want in the list (so that i can use category filter), but ended with bios in my list.

Obviously, the "System /BIOS" and "System / Device" are not available under this menu and so drivers are not selectable/unselectable if not categorized.

When using category filter, Device is auto-unselected, this behaviour would satisfy nearly 100% of users, but Bios is auto-selected, which is a little bit more annoying.

It make more complicated the task of selecting self-taylored lists (tagged files is not a possibility here obviously).