Triggering the bug :

Download this file :
* Use "Catver - Video - no bios.ini" as a category file for QMC2-Mame, go to Machine list filter>Category Filter, only select "Video" category and save filtered list.
* Launch QMC2-Arcade, you should only have drivers that has video snaps BUT there is also System bios in the list

*Same thing with the second catver, you no longer have bios in the list.

So to avoid bios in the list, you are forced to categorize bios in a category with same name as the internal category of QMC2 for bios (it doesn't work if you call it just "Bios" for example). I feel we should already have this category choice under the category filter of "Machine list filter" the same way the "?" category is always avaiable.

Don't think i can make myself clearer lol...

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