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I guarantee that the (English) catver.ini from here works: http://www.progettoemma.net/?catlist - and that's been this way since the beginning smile. Technically it was no bug, however, it's still better the way it's done now, so that's an improvement.

This file is not instantly updated... Sometimes it lags 2 or 3 Mame version behind...

So yes, you can be sure it is correctly formated, but not that it has every bios categorized.

Well, the category is not the right place for making this info available, but currently "there's no other way" if you like. It's nothing the emulator would tell me so I would have to find out by scanning what's available. That's not included, just like you don't have a way to filter the machine list by the availability of whatever type of image (although there's a separate image checker).

I am just talking about bios. It seems to me that this info is available in one way or the other since even with my barebone catver (the one without the bios category), bios were categorized under QMC2 Mame. So you have the ability (correct me if i'm wrong) to list all the bios of a Mame exe, something a deprecated catver couldn't do if bios has been added since.

Well, since it has been fixed, no point of arguing for hours, but if you really want i'm pretty sure i can make you a scenario were even using the last official catver would lead to having one or two bios drivers under the list even if the option is unchecked because the file lags too many version behind. With your fix, no way it happens.

Now that it is fixed, i'm gonna send you a feature request... From the Mame POV, we are coming pretty close from Hyperspin with greater control over the emulator behaviour. smile

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