sorry, I haven't checked the forum much lately; looked like interest pretty much evaporated on the micro dumping front when no one else wanted to vector the VFDs.

that and I had to get the HDMI NES adapter finished up so I did like 2 months of crunch on that getting it finished.

sean: I would've liked it if you warned me you were going to send those boards- I can't do anything with either. The D774 is some kind of ASIC so even if I do dump it, I am not sure it will be useful, and I am in the dark and don't even know how to power it up because I don't have the base unit.

What's the other board? some kind of 80 pin micro on that and it does not have a test pin at all according to the datasheet so I dunno if I can do anything with it. And being 80 pin SMD that makes it all the more tougher.