Hello, everyone! This one's my first post in the forum, so I'd first like to thank the QMC2 team for creating this superb piece of software. It really really helped me getting the hang of the MAME+MESS merge and for that I can only be so thankful.

I've been using QMC2 for about five days now. During the process of setting it up I had been noting down some questions I'd like to ask. So here we go:
  1. I'm using a setup that strictly uses relative paths to MAME, its extras, etc., as well as to the configurations directory through the argument "-config_path". Is there any other way to use style sheets successfully other than placing the ".qss" file in the same directory as "qmc2-mame.exe"? I had tried using the "-stylesheet" argument, but the style sheet wouldn't load at all.
  2. Is there support for custom fonts in style sheets? I'd like, for example, to have a special font for the machine list's QTreeWidget.
  3. When launching "QMC2 Arcade" through "qmc2-mame.exe" I'm getting nothing but a black screen in the application's window. However, running "qmc2-arcade.exe" with the same "-config_path" argument used in "qmc2-mame.exe" works as expected. Is that an issue with my setup?
  4. This one's about the device mapper. My software list ROMs come in the ".7z" format. Let's say that I'd like to run "Sonic 3 & Knuckles" without using the software list to first run "Sonic & Knuckles" and then using MAME's menu to go through the software list again and mount "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" on top of it. How can this be done?
  5. I've noticed that the "memcard" directory is missing from "Output directories". Is this normal?
That's all there is for now. smile
Once again, thank you QMC2 team for realizing this wonderful piece of software.