1. Fair enough.

2. Could the "Application font" setting override my choice of fonts in the style sheet?

By the way, is there a tutorial on theming planned for the future? I mean, I can always look at the style sheets you've created and teach myself, but an extensive documentation on the capabilities of style sheets in QMC2 would surely draw interest.

3. I've set ".qmc2/" as my configuration path. The command I'm executing to run "qmc2-mame.exe" is:

qmc2-mame.exe -config_path ".qmc2/"

Strangely enough, running the command as described in the "Front end log" using a command window in QMC2's folder still works.

4. Yeah, I was talking about daisy chaining. Too bad I can't use "sk -cart2 sonic3u" as a cartridge in the device mapper. I even tried playing with the quotes using escape characters (backslash in this case), but that resulted in a "@invalid()" setting in "qmc2.ini".

5. Well, I'll go ahead and blame these two! laugh


P.S.: Thanks for the awesomely quick post! I greatly appreciate it!