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Hi Folks!

R.Belmont was right, i didn't read the message that indicated to contact Richard, but now it is done. smile

I don't have all the cartridges for the HMG-7900, i just have Chaser (SD-201), Gobeur (French version of Chaser), Meteorites (SD-202), Envahisseurs (SD-203) and Mur de Briques (SD-205). I'm still waiting for Raging Turtle to arrive (from a trade) so that's leaves only 4 missing games.

I have an Hanimex HMG-7900 and also a Soundic Programmable Color Video Game SD-290, i could lend one of the game system with all the carts i have to plgDavid but that still leaves a few games short to dump.


If you could lend them those that would be great, if he is able to do any progress I'm happy to send him the remaining carts since I have them all.

SD-204 has already been dumped by Gilles Fetis a while back btw, he seems confident the dump is good, but having someone else redumping it would be nice to verify it. It's a microcontroller tagged as D8049 which seems to be some sort of uPD8049.

SD-201 doesn't have anything else other than the PCB.

The console is a NEC microcontroler (D779C-300).