I spoke with Sean back then and he was interested on trying to dump the Motorolla rom. The SC94806P at least as that was the one I asked him about since I only owned 2 or 3 games back then. Since I was working on acquiring the rest of the games and then send everything to kevtris we decided to wait and I ended up not sending him anything as I'd send the whole pack to kevtris instead then if needed he could forward it to sean since they are both in the US.

I managed to dig out his message from back then:
"That Moto part # is very similar to a 3870 that I dumped from the Boris Diplomat chess computer; it was SC80265P. I don't think there are any 28-pin 3870 variants, but it is likely some other micro, possibly not originally from Moto."

Console PCB pictures if anyone needs them: