Indeed! That is a great idea doing a wiki for electronic handheld games, this way we'll known which games are dumped (or not), working status, extra artwork and the whole shibang!

Oh and they should also be place by category of display (LED, LIGHT, VFD, LCD and Color LCD).

­­@Stiletto: The ones i have done are accurate, these were scanned from the original handhelds and vectorized.

@ICEknight: Inverting the display is very easy in fact, you need to rotate 90 degrees the polarizing sheet (the tinted sheet) and you invert the display. This is how it's done with Color LCD games, they rotate the polarizing sheet and put a light source behind the LCD display (like the Panoramic Game & Watch) or they uses white LED's or light bulbs as a light source.

Check this video:

This is how it's done for the Takeshi's Castle game, the person rotates 90 degrees the polarise film sheet. =)

--- Sly DC ---