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I'm finally back! I've done nothing hobby-related for the past couple of months, so I'm trying to figure out where I'm at with everything. I was working on dumping the Sharp SM series electronically and driving LCDs for digitizing, Hap sent me a G&W, Mr Challenger, Spelling Bee and Little Professor LCD, Lord Nightmare sent me Compact Speak and Spell, and incog sent a bunch of boards, including a G&W. I did continue buying stuff off ebay, so I've also got G&W Cement Factory, Blackjack, Bomb Sweeper and Boxing, Mattel Dungeons and Dragons board game and LCD game, Computron notebook, Coleco Zodiac, Mattel Gin Rummy, Tomy Electronic Pinball, Tandy Basketball, Tandy Electronic Golf, VTech Mini Wizard, Mattel Mind Boggler, Mattel Gravity, Mattel Horoscope Computer, Scrabble Lexor, a bunch of Konami games (Blades of Steel, Gradius, Marble Madness, Contra, Star Trek 25th), several Tiger handhelds, many newer LCDs, and a ton of calculators. Whew!

Christmas come early laugh