I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure out the ROM bit mapping, so $225 might be very cheap! But I was hoping for more 'inside' information in the wrapper. The patent wrapper is public information, but I guess the USPTO isn't going to go back and digitize all those patents that were submitted on paper.

I confirmed that the "ROM word address decoder" (to use the TMS1000 terminology) is the same on Football, Baseball, Gravity and Battlestar Galactica. Bit decoding is the same on Football, Baseball and Gravity, but BSG only has 8 banks instead of 14, so I'll have to figure it out from the decoding circuitry.

Tandy Basketball is PIC1655A and Coleco Electronic Quarterback is TMS1100, so those will be easy. Scrabble Lexor is Panasonic MN1405, like the MN1400 in Computer Perfection, so I'll try to dump it.

Tandy Golf is HD38135S, which I don't know, and Mattel Gin is NEC D650C, which I don't know (it also has a version of the LCD controller like in Microvision). Dungeons and Dragons LCD is Toshiba T6818S, which I don't know.