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Ah, found a good thread with KB1013 tech info, with scans of official doc. Looks like enough to emulate it.

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I got an interesting link from MetalliC yesterday =)

It's a 80s USSR clone of Nintendo G&W Egg. The MCU is a КБ1013ВК1-2, probably a clone of a Sharp MCU. There's a 2KB ROM in the .exe resources, the data looks similar to Sharp MCU code.

Is there any news on emulation? Can these games can be dumped using software? Has somebody already dumped these?

I have the Nu Pogodi IM-2 here, but apparently some (battery?) fluid got inside the LCD, rendering the left side semi-useless. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can salvage it?
PCB is in a rough shape, I suspect it met water at some point, but the game works nonetheless. IC is unmarked, but pinout seems to match КБ1013ВК1-2 from Russian thread.



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