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The circuit board looks fine though, the weird stippling you see on it is just how the green 'paint' layer was applied (or dried) when it was manufactured.

I know a thing or two about PCBs and it's definitely some kind of damage, salt water probably. The actual texture doesn't come out very good in the pictures.

I have (and have had) several of these Russian games before, and have seen the same thing on more than one of them... It's just whatever the green coating is being poorly made. Is it flaking off? If it is, and you remove it, the board looks fine underneath.
It might be something different on yours, but I've never seen liquid damage on a circuit board that didn't leave behind other evidence (corrosion, rust, residue from the liquid, etc...) I just made that comment as yours looks exactly like a couple of these 'Elektronika' games I've had in the past...

I'd say Sean's the best option though, send 'em his way. smile