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Well, you didn't "setup Qt" in this case, it's still referring paths used during Micko's build.

I just tried, and yes, Micko forgot to add a setup-Qt-4.8.bat. Place that file beside setup-Qt.bat (in "c:\buildtools\vendor\qt\mingw64" and/or "c:\buildtools\vendor\qt\mingw32") and execute both. After that building should work fine:

C:\Projekte\qmc2-mingw>make distclean QMAKE=C:\buildtools\vendor\qt\mingw64\Qt-4.8\bin\qmake.exe

C:\Projekte\qmc2-mingw>make -j5 QMAKE=C:\buildtools\vendor\qt\mingw64\Qt-4.8\bin\qmake.exe

Works for me at least with latest buildtools.

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