Hmm, since the Mr Challenger patent has binary object code, it might not be too hard to OCR to compare to my file.

I got the TI calcs- a TI-1200 with an 0952 and a TI-1250 with an 0972. I got a good pic of the 0952 top metal, but I damaged the 0972 die. The ROM array is OK, though.

The 1250 has memory functions and CS (change sign, or +/-) that the 1200 doesn't have. They are in the same case, with just those 5 buttons covered up on the 1200. I pressed the button where CS is, and it worked as it should. The memory buttons were actually missing the metal domes that make contact with the wires, but I used a clip to connect the wires, and all the memory functions work as well!

I haven't removed the top metal layers yet, so I haven't transcribed the ROM bits, but I visually compared the first few bytes and they are different.