Unfortunately, the 0972 PLAs are gone. Well, they are embedded in plastic, torn off the die. I might be able to get them out when it gets warmer. The 0952 die is laid out like the TMS1000: www.seanriddle.com/0952_metal.jpg

I am sure that the Mr Challenger CD2601 pinout is #2 that you listed above. The PCB connects pins 4 to 6, and 7 to 10. But I dumped it using pin 4 for data/addr 8 and pin 10 for M1. I tried using 6 for data/addr 8 and got nothing on that pin. I also had to just tie CLK high, instead of clocking it. The chip is marked TMC0355BNL P CD2601 DCU 8035.

I've got a Super Stumpers 7-8 Word Module that had a 28SDIP TMS6100 that I dumped and verified the same as listed on LN's page. Only pins 1-14 were soldered in; the other 14 didn't even go through holes in the PCB- pins 1-14 were bent to allow it to fit. It also has unused holes for a 16-pin chip. Nothing is marked on the PCB, but the wiring matches your TMS6125 pinout #1 above.

I did not electronically dump the Touch n Tell VSM; I decapped it. So I can't verify how to dump it. The chip was marked CD2610NL MBDW 8922 and the die is marked T0355D 2610B. The Touch n Tell PCB also has pads for a TMS6100 SDIP28, and it is connected to the TMS6125 DIP16 pads similarly to the Super Stumpers Word Module.

So it looks like there were two TMC0355 pinouts.