I was able to accurately retrieve PLA info from the shattered 0972 die pics smile A few bits on the microinstructions were unreadable, but there's 0% chance they'd have used a different opcode in that place. And all the PLAs are the same as the TI-1270 TMS0974.
I got TI-1250 working in MAME, now going to start on TI-1200(or TI-1250 1st ver.)

David: You dumped Grillo Parlante(snspell italy), right? Do you have the MCU ROM for it? It's the same MCU code as the German and French versions too.

And don't forget this odd toy is on the same hardware line too: http://www.datamath.org/Speech/MagicWand.htm
C14007: TMS1400?
CD2228: 4KB? VSM, contains phonemes