Checking what I have in the 'to send to sean box', mostly from PlgDavid:
* MP7324 (coleco K28?)
* CD8012 from 1982 (touch and tell?)
* CD2702A (grillo parlante and other non-english speak and spell)
* CD2704B (early speak and math (cd2708 is the later one), 1982 datecode)
* AY-3-8800-1 (from that similar-to-intellivision system with crude "card" graphics whose name escapes me)
* upD777C-009 from an epoch cassette vision cartridge (I forget which game)
* game genie NES 'galoob' asic
* super cassette vision 'video asic' (I actually can't find this right now, I know it is around here somewhere)
* an entire 1988 release cd8012-based touch and tell board. no idea if the code differs from the 1982 one above.


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