I got a NSC Quiz Kid Speller. It's got a little NSC 4-bit MCU bonded directly to the PCB (along with what looks like a driver IC die, 2 transistors and a diode). The MCU is marked MM47 and does not look like a COP4. In fact, it looks a lot like a TMS1100. I also got a Play Bridge Computer that has a Hitachi HD44801.

I've also got a couple of things coming: Coleco Lil Genius and Milton Bradley Ask Zandar.

I finally got TMS1100 electronic dumping working! I dumped Coleco Electronic Quarterback and Coleco Zodiac, but of course I can't electronically dump the PLAs. The instruction PLAs are most likely standard, but the output PLAs could be problematic.

I also dumped all of Ranger Lennier's Microvision carts for practice. The ones with B revision dies dumped fine, but I got several different results for the E revision dies: some dumped with the high bit set like Kevin saw, some dumped all zeros, and some didn't output anything. Then I tried dumping the Capsela chip- it doesn't have the die revision printed on it, but it is an SDIP, so I figured it was an E revision. It dumped all zeros.

Then I played with the voltage used to power the chips; I originally dumped at 9V, so I tried 8.5V and 7.5V. I wound up getting all the chips to dump at one or more of the voltages, but not every chip at the same voltage. I did get all 8 bits of the Capsela dump, so it must be a rev B die.

I also dumped Ranger's Super Blockbuster chip, which is a rev G, and it dumped all 8 bits, which is confusing. Since that's later than rev E, I assumed it would also only dump the lower 7 bits.

I compared the bottom 7 bits of the rev E dies to my visual dumps, and several of them had byte 0 incorrect. So it looks like I need to adjust my code to get that right; maybe I need an additional delay on the first byte. One other dump has another byte different: Sea Duel. I'm going to load up my ROM pic and see if that needs to be corrected.