Lil Genius and Ask Zandar got here. The non-working Coleco Lil Genius has a 28 DIP marked GI CF-583 7616; I'm not sure if it's an MCU. There's a 2nd PCB, about 2"x1", that looks like a power supply- a potted box, 10 resistors, 3 electrolytic caps and 4 transistors! Since the unit just has a calculator keypad, 2 LEDs and a speaker, I'm guessing the chip requires weird voltages.

Milton Bradley Ask Zandar (1992) has another tsp50cxx: 16 DIP "98047C7KOT // ASK ZANDAR // CSM14026DN"). The phrases listed in the Ask Zandar Patent don't match the actual game, though. It only has one button, a "game/fortune" switch, and a light sensor. I haven't been able to get into a test mode that speaks all the phrases, just "yes" and "no".