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surprise calcs en route to hmm, Arcadia :p

1) http://datamath.org/Sci/Slimline/Business-Analyst-II.htm - should be TP0320 series MCU, for emulation testing
2) http://datamath.org/Sci/Slimline/TI-35.htm - can be either TP0320, 0455, or 0456
3) two of these(single auction) http://datamath.org/Sci/Slanted/TI-55-II.htm interesting calc, dual-mcu. On the ebay photo, one was larger than the other, we'll see if the insides is the same or not.
I got 3 of the calcs:TI Business Analyst-II and 2x TI-55-II. The TI-55-IIs appear identical externally.

I was also able to dump the output PLAs from Ranger's Microvision carts that I've got: Blockbuster and Mindbuster output 0 8 4 C 2 A 6 E 1 9 5 D 3 B 7 F, which is 0-F bit-reversed, and Vegas Slots output 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F. But those PLAs don't use the status bit. I tried to set and clear the status bit while dumping other chips, but I always got the same 16 bytes twice, although with 2 chips, I got a different set of 16 bytes depending on the code and voltage that I used. To force in the address to execute opcodes from, I have to assert INIT, and I'm not sure what that does to the status bit.

The other chips I dumped were Coleco Electronic Quarterback, Coleco Zodiac and Capsela. One set of 16 bytes I got from the 2 Coleco chips include 7-segment data, so I know that those are correct, but I also got a different set of 16 bytes from them. Electronic QB gave me 0 1 8 9 2 3 A B 4 5 C D 6 7 E F, and Zodiac gave me 01 08 A0 A8 40 48 E0 E8 06 10 A6 B0 46 50 E6 F0. Since both of those games also have keyboard and LED matrices, it's possible that those other bytes are with status set. I'll decap Electronic QB and see for sure.

Capsela only gave me 01 02 04 08 10 20 40 80.

I wasn't able to get any E revision chips to dump the output PLAs, but I'm not sure why.