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You can predict most MPxxxx MCUs by comparing it with this table at the start of this MAME driver: http://git.redump.net/mame/tree/src/mame/drivers/hh_tms1k.cpp

Do you know the TSI Speech+? It's a talking calculator for the blind, it has the same speech chip as in Berzerk(arcade game).
see: http://www.vintagecalculators.com/html/speech-.html
*TMC1007 TMS1000 1976, TSI Speech+ (S14002-A)
*MP0057 TMS1000 1978, APH Student Speech+ (same ROM contents as TSI Speech+?)

I've been told the speech ROM is already dumped. The calculator is very expensive on eBay and it would be a shame to decap the MCU on it. Maybe someone that owns one can send it to you or kevtris to try to dump it electronically?

I own two of these talking calculators. unfortunately I only got 7/8 bits of data from them. I have dumped the speech ROM as well, that works; I tested it. I own one of the brown version and one of the blue version. both have the same guts inside. Both of the CPUs will only divulge 7 of their data bits however.