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NSC Quiz Kid Racer: MM4799 DUZ

I'm hopeful that Quiz Kid Racer has similar ROM contents as patent US4051605. That patent looks like it's for the same calculator, but you could connect 2 of them together to compete, and the actual calculator doesn't have any connectors.
I found a picture of the "competition" version of Quiz Kid Racer: http://www.efdevicepebbles.com/quiz-kid-racer-vintage-i415693/

You can see the connectors on the right side of the calculators, as well as the cable. The patent says the units can be used separately in non-competition mode, which makes me think that the unit I bought without the connector likely uses the same ROM image; since you can't plug in a cable, it would always work in non-competition mode.

I haven't found any manuals online yet.