Greetings! I'm new to the forums, so please PM many any etiquette mistakes.

I'm the proud owner of a DEC Rainbow 100B that I bought new in 1983. Over the years, I've added a hard drive, maxed out the memory and written a nice little driver called IMPDRIVE that lets you connect 720k 3.5" floppies.

I have a bunch of technical docs I bought back in the day as well that I plan to scan in once I've taken a survey of everything that is available online. Many of the CP/M related ones seem to be missing, as does the BIOS listing for DOS.

There was a gentleman in the Jemez mountains who disassembled the IO.SYS for the rainbow and added support for TEAC double sided drives. Before he tossed his hardware, he sent me all his disks with source on them. I have them in the basement, but haven't checked on them in years. Hope they are still good.

Reading through this thread, it appears that the latest MESS would actually support rainbow emulation. This thrills me no end since I had half a mind lately to add FreeDOS support for the Rainbow. I last checked out MESS support in maybe 2011 or so, and at the time there was nothing at all for the Rainbow (or what was there wasn't enough to be worth trying). Glad to see things have changed...

I've also been an open source contributor in FreeBSD for two decades.

Reading the thread, it looks like the ROM images that people had may have gone missing? Do you need someone with a Rainbow 100B to read back the ROMs and upload them? Or anything else from the Rainbow docs and/or physical access to the machine? It has been a while since I had it powered on, but will give it a shot tonight if anybody needs anything.