IIRC the only ROM completely missing which is necessary for accurate emulation from a Rainbow 100B is the z80 arbitrator PROM 23-090B1, which is an MMI6308 256x8 Open Collector PROM at location E13 (E11 on the Rainbow 100A, both share the same part). The other missing roms are bios/firmware language roms, and we have one of the 5 known sets dumped. It would be nice to dump the other four, though.

In other words:

We have the two video PROMS, 23-023B2 and 23-056B2.

We have the video PAL 23-117J5 at E88/E93 (two pals on the board, both have the same contents).

We have the 23-037E3 Character set rom.

We have the 23-022E5 (main Firmware) rom.

We have the following language roms:
23-020E5 (German, French, English)

We're MISSING the following language roms:
23-015E5 (Dutch, French, English)
23-016E5 (Finnish, Swedish, English)
23-017E5 (Danish, Norwegian, English)
23-018E5 (Spanish, Italian, English)

We're MISSING the z80 arbitrator PROM:

If any of the roms/proms/pals in your machine have numbers different to the ones listed above, let us know!
Note that for pals and proms, DEC usually only printed the last 5 digits of the part number on the PROM/PAL itself, so the part may have stamped on it somewhere something like "WB8146 // 058B1" (where // is a newline) for 23-058B1

We're also missing ALL of the Rainbow 100A roms: firmware, language, character set, proms, pals. everything.


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