Is computron possible a pre-SC01 speech device by Votrax? I've read that before they made the SC01 IC, they manufactured globtop speech circuitry.

Thanks for TI-55-2 =)

Here, I added the Tiger K28(Coleco Talking Teacher in USA) to MAME. It is playable, but shows no display. I assume the LCD driver is a simple serial device, but the MCU hardly sends anything to it. It could be another bad bit in the MCU rom, or TMS5100 emulation problem, I think the latter.
I also added the older, 1981, version of K28, was dumped by kevtris a few years ago(tsk tsk noone added it back then). It's a 8021 MCU and SC01 speech. Funnily enough, the display is fine in MAME but the sound is not. Our SC01 core is a kettle of frogs.

On the NEC UCOM4 handheld driver, I added Mattel Computer Gin. Unfortunately it's a bad dump. It locks up rightaway, and the disasm looks weird, eg. there are CALL opcodes, but no RT(return) anywhere. Kevtris's TR606 romdump looks good, so his dumping equipment is compatible with D650C.

*edit* ah, Mattel compgin bad dump: D5 is always on, xx1x xxxx

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