I posted info on Coleco Zodiac: www.seanriddle.com/tms1100.html

I dumped this one electronically and can't figure out the O PLA: the first 16 values are the numbers 0-9 and letters A d E J L U, leaving just 4 more entries in the PLA. The other 16 values can almost be represented using the 4 bytes 08, A0, 40, 06, but 5 of the 16 values don't match. I could make it work if there were 2 more entries in the PLA.

7E 0C B6 9E CC DA FA 0E FE CE EE BC F2 3C 70 7C
01 08 A0 A8 40 48 E0 E8 06 10 A6 B0 46 50 E6 F0