Cool! I was trying to figure out the 20 terms in the PLA, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as we know the 32 outputs. It looks like they had to get pretty creative to fit all their symbols and LED signals in there. I promise I'm not a believer in astrology, it's just that there are several astrology/biorhythm devices from that time period!

It's interesting that the manual shows the letter "G" in "GO" like the number 6 but without the center g segment, but that's not one of the outputs. Maybe their prototype had that, but they couldn't fit it into the O PLA?

I've been trying to get my O PLA dumper to dump the 2 halves of the PLA in one session, but I mostly get the half with the status latch clear. I have to power off and wait a while to get it to dump the half with the status latch set. I'm executing a YNEA opcode to set/clear the status latch before TDO, but it doesn't matter; I get the same 16 bytes in both halves everytime. It might be because I have to assert reset to set the PC to the opcode I want to execute, then release it to run the opcode. I'm also keeping R10 high all the time; maybe I need to drive it low when I'm not dumping the ROM.

I uploaded info on Conic Football II:

I also posted a couple of scans of Lost Treasure:

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