Hmm, I see now why. The plusone.bin on your site is different from the one I had downloaded at back in 30 april 2015, maybe you post-corrected some bits back then?

Of the GIMP picture you linked, I only extracted the die photo (bit mask was completely black on my picture viewer app). So I had to make a new mask from the old downloaded plusone.bin and compared it to that.

For Coleco h2h stuff, if Rik's list is complete the only one remaining is Boxing. That has a TMS1xxx according to the patent. patents linked from here:
RB: They're essentially the same game, I'll only need to make 1 generic internal artwork.
- Soccer:
- Hockey

*edit* except, Coleco h2h game system, wth is this? :P NES on a chip thingie?

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