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Hmm, I see now why. The plusone.bin on your site is different from the one I had downloaded at back in 30 april 2015, maybe you post-corrected some bits back then?

For Coleco h2h stuff, if Rik's list is complete the only one remaining is Boxing. That has a TMS1xxx according to the patent. patents linked from here: http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Coleco/H2HBoxing.htm
Yeah, it looks like I updated the bin on 10 May 2015.

I'll look for H2H Boxing. It seems like I bid on one a while back, but must have lost.

It looks like I damaged the TI35 die too much to read the bits visually. I must have cooked it with the blow torch. I'll see if I can pick up another one cheap.

I visually read the bits from the TMS1000s in Entex Soccer, Conic Basketball and ELECSonic Football. I had dumped the lower 7 bits from those electronically, then dumped the high bits by executing each opcode and checking the program counter. They all had several "ambiguous" bits where I couldn't tell if the opcodes were jumps or not. It turns out that 3 in Soccer, 1 in Basketball and 4 in Football were not jumps, but all the other bits matched.

Also, I've been helping a guy dump the TMS1100 from the Radio Shack Microcomputer Trainer. He got it working, but it's a rev E, so he only gets the lower 7 bits. I just gave him my code to get the high bits, but since they are visible in my bad decap, he combined those with his dump to get a complete image. I'll document that and send the link.