Step 8 - Create a boot disk
Now you will be asked if you want to create a boot disk.
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This is optional, but useful if you screw something up, and you can't boot into your system from the HD.

Steo 9 - X-Windows setup
The final setup step (finally). You will be asked for the monitor you are using. Select custom. Next, select a resolution the emulated monitor is capable of.
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1600x1200@70Hz works, so select that.
Now select the vertical sync range. (50-100 will do, or 40-150, it's not like you can blow out MAME's screen with invalid CRT parameters ;))
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Now the system should start to shut down. It's possible that MAME may lock up when it reboots, so once the HD is unmounted, close MAME. Restart MAME with the -cdrom and -flop1 parameters removed (no longer needed). Red Hat should now boot from the HD, and eventually, you'll get a login screen.
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If you didn't create a regular user, login as root, entering the root password you gave during installion. To create a user, use the command adduser <username>. To set the user's password, use the command passwd [username], then enter the password twice.

You can change the video adapter type again by running Xconfigurator (as root).

If you chose to boot into a graphical environment, then you'll get a graphical login. If not, you can start X-Windows by typing startx.

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- Barry Rodewald