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Rik- yeah, some of them light up all the segments when you put in batteries, and maybe when you reset them. It's not for very long, though, so it'll probably be hard to use a scanner.

Oh yeah, scanning them might be hard, I was thinking of using a high-end camera to just photograph them.

I just tried it really quick with Garfield:

That's half the resolution of the photo, and I can even increase that by moving the camera closer. Obviously opening the game would make it clearer, and even replacing the background with white if the polarizing filter isn't part of the insert with the art on it... (If the front filter is loose, maybe use one from another game over white paper or something).

Not sure how easily that will be to vector though... (And, it seems my game is missing a row of graphics... Look like I'll be opening it anyway. smile )
And, from what I can tell, they pretty much look like the package art in this case...