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That leaves:
- Gakken Jungler: should be doable for me as manual vector svg
- Bandai Ultraman: too much frown
- Bandai Zaxxon: have to think about how to handle fake dual-layer vfd

Haha, everyone is afraid of Ultraman... smile Even Kevtris was like 'Uh, no...' after doing the Doraemon game that took him forever... And there's one more game in this series that's just as complicated. smile

I'm okay with rough work for now, as I just want to _play_ them! smile

I'm curious about the Zaxxon games (both Coleco and Bandai...) Bandai uses a single VFD split by a mirror, Coleco actually has two different VFDs with one reflected over the other by a mirror. Not sure what technique would be easier to put in MAME.

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