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pff, separating the colors on Zaxxon took me much longer than expected. But no turning back now, almost done.

Rik can you make some photos of Bandai Zaxxon in action? And I'm assuming the mirror is placed right in the center of the VFD, between the big explosion and the lives-indicators, right?

Yeah, pretty sure it just cuts it in half... I'll take a video later tonight.

When you separate the colors, you are creating 3 different BMPs (or whatever) with just the appropriate sprites? Do you then clean those up to an even color as much as possible? Just want to make sure I do it right if I attempt Ultraman... smile

Can you post those files, the ones you feed into Potrace?

I spent some time cleaning up the SVG for Burgertime just to get used to bezier curves again... Haven't done that in a long time. I hate spending an hour or two on it, then discovering a way that makes them look better, then you want to go back and re-do all your work... smile Didn't get to far into the file though, it might be faster for me to clean up the separated color files first. I know Photoshop better than Inkscape.